It happens every day. And it can happen to anyone regardless of race, age, or gender–hearing a physician say… “It’s cancer.”

“Cancer is a horrific disease that has the ability to drastically change the course of a life,” says Krista Robitz, director, Development, Southeast Georgia Health System Foundation.

“But, out of cancer, we routinely see one common factor – courage,” Robitz adds. “The cancer patient’s courage is battling the disease, the loved one’s courage is supporting the patient, and friends and community members show their courage when they rally support, raise donations, help out with meals or simply send an uplifting message. With courage, cancer meets its toughest opponents.”

Understanding how important courage is in the fight against cancer, the Southeast Georgia Health System Foundation has launched a Courage Campaign.

“Almost every single one of us has been impacted by some type of cancer, whether it’s a loved one, friend, co-worker, or a friend’s friend. We all at some point or another have come into contact with cancer,” explains Robitz. “Our Courage Campaign will help to increase awareness of all types of cancer, not just the cancers that get the most news coverage, such as breast or lung or prostate.”

Community members are invited to join the Foundation’s campaign by purchasing a Courage shirt and wearing it the first Friday of every month. The back of the shirt features colored cancer ribbons and COURAGE In All Colors printed boldly across the shoulders. Each month, the Foundation and Health System will promote awareness of a different cancer through their websites, Facebook posts and print articles.

In addition to the shirts, the Foundation will host its inaugural Lights of Courage Tree Lighting Ceremony in December. Lights of Courage are available for $25 and can be in honor or memory of someone impacted by cancer. Each light on the tree will represent someone’s courage in the fight against cancer. The tree lighting ceremonies will take place on the Brunswick and Camden campuses. More event information will be available soon.

“Unfortunately, there are too many kinds of cancer and entirely too many people have the disease,” adds Robitz. “Through the Courage Campaign, we hope to raise awareness about all types of cancer and most importantly, celebrate the courage it takes to fight cancer. Sadly, we can all agree that cancer does not discriminate and it has the ability to impact every single one of us at some point in time.”

To purchase a Courage shirt or support Lights of Courage, visit our shop or or call 912-466-3360.

Raise awareness and celebrate the courage it takes to fight cancer.

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